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Although the world is your home, you still need a visa to enter another country. In other words, most countries will not accept you without this piece of document. A visa is one important paper essential for jet setters and world travelers. This paper authorized a country to conditionally grant foreigner entry and to remain temporarily within or leave that country. Visas have limits on the duration of stay within the country. Every country includes specific rules and requirements for their visa. With the coming of new developments that needs Super Visa Insurance, better opportunity is given to Canadian visitors.

Types of visa

• Transit
• Visitors
• Short or long-termed
• Immigrant
• Working

Super Visa is newly released to make it easier for parents and grandparents to visit family members in Canada. It has lengthened the time duration for them to remain in the country for up to 24 months at a time, without the need of renewing their status. Valid for a decade or10 years, either a single entry or multi-entries is allowed into Canada.
Before applicants are granted super visa, they are required to submit proofs that they have purchased private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance; this is valid for year and offers a minimum of $100,000 in coverage for health care, hospitalization and repatriation. Super visa insurance is an important part of the deal.

Why a super visa?

The Canadian government is aware that parents and grandparents are valuable to the lives of Canadians in so many ways. However, Parent and Grandparent (PGP) applicants in the sponsorship program have to wait up to 7 years for the processing period. During the time of waiting period, Canadian relatives with standard visitor visa were only to remain for up to 6 months at a time. If they want an extension, they have undergo the application procedures again. To minimize the backlog of PGP applications and shorten wait times for future applicants, the Canadian government implemented a 24-month ban on new applications in November 2011 with caps on the number of applications in subsequent years. Super visa insurance requirements & cost are included in a super visa.

Requirements for a Super Visa

According to Canadian government, eligibility for a super visa, all applicants must be able to meet certain requirements as the following proofs and supporting statements:
• That they are parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• A medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company with at least $100,000 coverage that is valid for a minimum 1 year
• Of undergoing medical examination performed by a Canadian approved doctor
• That the sponsor of the child or grandchild meets minimum financial income thresholds and give consent for financial support during duration of applicant’s stay
• Of the super visa insurance requirements and cost.
Requirements for super visa insurance
• Super visa insurance requirements & cost are for parent and grandparent to submit a written and signed promise of financial assistance.
• Canadian citizens to bring their parents or grandparents over must meet the minimum income required.
• Parent or grandparent with medical or health problems is issued Super Visa cannot be used.
• Super visa insurance imposed parents and grandparents to undergo and pass a medical examination done by an approved doctor of Canadian citizenship and immigration Canada.

Super visa insurance will go a long way for family visits to Canada.

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