How to choose health insurance? Tips and more

How to choose health insurance? Tips and more

Let us remember that health insurance is aimed at preventing damage to health or restoring health from disease, the above, through specific actions for the benefit of the insured. We tell you the main characteristics to consider when choosing it.


Based on information obtained by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), today Canada has the highest proportion of private and public hospitals among the countries of the organization. It has 11.4 publicly owned hospitals and 28.6 private hospitals for every million inhabitants.


More and more people are looking to purchase some health insurance or major medical expenses , this thanks to the companies for which they work, since they invest between 5 and 10% of their total payroll to cover the policies of their employees (AON Health Survey 2019).


In case you have not yet purchased health insurance, it would be important to prioritize some particularities of the different options you have considered:


Family benefits


Although most of the policies that can be contracted in the insurers are personal, there are programs that include benefits for direct members of your family, for example, preventive medical care or basic laboratory tests for your children, your partner, spouse or family member. How to choose health insurance.


Actions that generate savings


There must be some savings option on the part of the insurer towards its client, among the possibilities is the elimination of Deductible by accident or a maximum limit of coinsurance. This reflects an interest in the economy of the insured without losing sight of the quality of the services.


Facilities to establish contact


New doubts will always exist or will arise regarding the services covered by the contracted health insurance, for this reason it is important to have more than one contact channel to clarify these questions. Check if the insurer you have considered has a call center , mailbox to receive emails or physical assistance modules. Personalization and responsiveness is paramount.


Total protection for the insured


In addition to preventive consultations and follow-up of their illnesses, the insured can count on other services so as not to neglect their health in the event of unexpected events, for example, medical care and emergencies.


Special rewards


It is known that insurance is renewed annually or after a certain time, which allows you to change insurer in case you have not received the expected attention, but what happens if your needs change and you want to change insurer? Some insurers have a seniority recognition program, which allows you to change companies taking into account the time of coverage that was had in the previous policy to the new one. Other benefits such as funeral, dental and international assistance may also be considered.


Those of us who work at  DK Insurance know that for you and your family, health care is paramount, this with a view to meeting the goals that have been set in life and enjoying it, for that reason we offer health insurance to fair prices and with options that adapt to your needs, we have 5 years of support.

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