Parents Super Visa Insurance: Everything that You Should Know

Parents Super Visa Insurance: Everything that You Should Know

Canada is one the much-loved destinations for all those who want to visit this country for career or further studies. But most of them miss their family. So, Canada has introduced a Visa for grandparents and parents – Super Visa. This special program is designed for the families who wish to stay with their near and dear ones without immigration or permanent living in Canada. The best part is that it is a multiple entry visa that lasts 10 years. But one of the main requirements for Super visa is to get parents super visa insurance (Canadian medical insurance coverage) for at least 1 year.

What is Super Visa insurance?

Super Visa Insurance, also known as visitors and travelers insurance, covers the cost of medical emergency treatment in case of accidental injury and unexpected sickness when the visa holder stay at Canada or on another country side-trip. This insurance has coverage healthcare, repatriation and hospitalization. Some different types of visa are immigrant, visitors, transit, working, and short/long-term.

How to Apply?

To submit an application for super visa insurance Canada, you must be the parents/grandparents of Canadian permanent resident or citizen. Also, it should cover at least $100,000 with a validity of one year. Also, you should have cleared immigration medical examination. What’s more, you also require the statement from your child/grandchild that they will support you financially.  Wondering how to apply? Here are the steps: –

  1. Get a quote from different providers and approach the one that offers insurance at low premiums.
  2. Pick the right Visitor Insurance with the help of experts
  3. Review your coverage
  4. Submit your application

Why Super Visa insurance is Necessary?

By having Super Visa insurance, you can enjoy a host of excellent benefits such as the coverage of overall cost of medical care, surgeries, hospital admission, an ambulance, a semi-private room and practitioners. Some key benefits of such plan are

  • Trip break
  • Return of children
  • Emergency medical return home
  • Expenses related to death
  • Emergency medical attention
  • Additional expenses for hotel and meals
  • Coverage for paramedical services
  • Childcare expenses
  • Ambulance transportation

Steps after Submitting Application

Once you submit your application, you need to perform various steps to have Super visa approved by immigration Canada and citizenship.

Medical Examination

To get entry in Canada with a Super Visa, you must have to undergo a medical examination. In this case, you will get instructions from the visa officers on how and where to the examination will take place.


Your visa application will be reviewed by a visa officer who will decide whether it is essential to conduct an interview with you or not. If you get selected for the interview, you will get a notification along with directions and guidelines.

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